1987 Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTI Cabriolet "Quartet" View Photo Dossier

1987/D Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTI Cabriolet "Quartet" Special Edition: Striking Alpine White with very rare deep Carmine Red mohair convertible roof and matching Carmine Red sports cloth upholstery, carpeting and tonneau cover.

This car has been owned by the same lady since 1995 and has been her pride and joy, after under a decade of use as her everyday car she sought something more modern and practical, but held onto her beloved classic Cabriolet whereby it was carefully garaged over the winter and only brought out during the sunny season. If you are au fait with these wonderful Mk1 GTI Cabriolets then you will understand just how much of a bond you can build with them, they are brimming with character, very reliable and really are on a par with an R107 Mercedes SL in terms of image, class and build quality when it comes to 1980s classic soft tops.

Naturally that only applies to the original and factory correct specimens, which this one is. In truly remarkable condition, absolutely no rot and one can immediately discern that the car has been cared for and not been through the usual 10+ owners that one often finds on Ebay.

The fuel injected 1.8 litre 8V engine is legendary and always appears even more zingy and charismatic than it does when under the bonnet of a Mk2 Golf, on paper the convertible is slower, upon driving however the soft top feels faster and nippier. Excellent performance coupled to equally impressive fuel economy of an easy 38mpg.

The prices of 1980 cars are really taking off, Countach's, Aston V8s, and Testarossas have seen huge increases in less than a couple of years, and you cannot find a worthy 205 1.9 GTI or Renault 5 GT Turbo for less than £6000 now, and the best examples are now pegged at £15,000. The Golf Cabriolet was the pioneer of the hatchback-based soft top genre and was a classic in its own time, even back in 1992 Jeremy Clarkson was lauding the end of line Golf GTI Rivage, (compared against the roofless Astra Mk2 GTE, 205CTI, Rover 216, Renault 19 16V etc), as already being a timeless classic even though it was brand new, and went on to say that although it was the oldest it was the only one in that bunch that did not suffer from the dreaded scuttle shake, in short he absolutely loved the original and the best - the Mk1 Golf Convertible.

Not far short of its 30th birthday, my beautiful classic GTI soft-top is bound to be a shrewd investment, not only due to its rare special edition status, but also due to it originality and impressive provenance.

Already I have had much work done on recommissioning the mechanical side of things. The endemic weakspots have been addressed, that being having a brand new fuel tank and fuel filler neck fitted, as well as a brand new Bosch exterior fuel pump and in-tank secondary fuel pump. New fuel lines have also been installed. Brand new premium Boge Turbogas gas shocks absorbers have been fitted at the rear, together with new rear axle mounts, brake pipes, new centre exhaust and rear silencer sections.

A brand new timing belt and tensioner kit, water pump, thermostat, distributor cap, rotor arm and ignition leads have also been fitted during a major engine service.

There is more work to tackle as I type, but upon completion this will be one of the most thoroughly sorted GTI Cabriolets and I will also conjecture probably the most distinctive and prettiest.

Not to be missed - Ready Spring 2017