1990 Rover Metro 1.4 GS View Photo Dossier

1990/H Rover Metro 1.4 GS: Rare luxury flagship model of the original Rover Metro line up finished in the ultimate colour scheme of British Racing Green with opulent Stone Beige leather upholstery.

Factory original car, low mileage, low owners and FSH. This car cost close to £11,000 in 1990 which was a substantial sum indeed as one could buy two entry level 1.1C Metros for the price of one GS. While I would not give a 1.1c a moment's consideration however, a 1.4 GS is a special Metro - and this one of mine is the only one I have seen in the metal, and I am a life long Metro aficionado.

Rather than the later and more commonplace GSI Metro, this GS benefits from the faster and more charismatic 1.4 carburettor K-series engine with no catalytic convertor to stifle its oomph, the performance is superior to that of an MG Metro and the GS is more frugal, substantially more refined and so much more pleasurable to drive with its super slick Peugeot-derived 5-speed transmission - world's apart from the whining and recalcitrant in-sump 4-speed 'box from the Austin Metro.

The interior is the principle lure of the GS, leather upholstery, burr walnut dashboard and door cappings, deep cut-pile carpeting, electric windows, central locking, tinted glass, sunroof, rev counter, remote control wing mirrors, 4-speaker radio/cassette player and central cassette stowage console, variable intermittent wipe and rear wash wipe make this the most comprehensively equipped Metro of them all.

The last two keepers have owned this Metro for a decade each and it comes not only with a fully stamped up service book but a dossier of invoices, all its original booklets, an original Rover Metro sales brochure, separate Rover "Colours & Interior Trims" brochure and a selection of contemporary road tests when the "Metromorphosis" Rover Metro was revealed in 1990. The spare wheel and tyre have never been used and there is the full array of original tools and jacking kit. One key operates all door locks and there is a spare too. HPI clear with certificate.

I have had my specialist perform a major engine service including fitting a new timing belt and water pump, new HT leads, distributor cap and rotor arm, rocker cover gasket, Bosch battery. New front brake discs and pads, new rear brake drum linings and cylinders as well as new brake fluid. As the car is so rare I also had a brand new clutch kit fitted.

The car is a delight to drive and really is a spirited and zingy motor and having such a well executed luxury interior (Rover really did excel in producing beautiful interiors) makes the driving experience all the more pleasurable.

If you have only sampled the original A-series Austin Metros then you are in no place to judge the K-series Rover Metro which was a revelation. This is a modern, light-weight and very efficient engine and is robust and reliable and really can be run on a shoe string.

The Achilles heel of the Rover Metro is rear wheel arch corrosion, I have had the OSR wheel arch professionally replaced as it had been filled over the years and needed properly sorting. I have had £750 of professional bodywork rectification carried out as the car warranted it I felt and I now believe this to be the best surviving example of the super rare GS edition.

The car sports Rover-approved Dunlop SP30 tyres all round and the smart wheel trims are absolutely as new with no kerbing rash. I have thoroughly detailed the wheel wells and floor pan so the car is as near as dammit in show condition, it is incredibly smart and thoroughly resplendent in all aspects

As the price of really shabby MG Midgets and Triumph Spitfires and other crusty relics go up, the humble Metro is really catching on as a viable and more practical alternative to those wanting a beginner British classic, and this "best of breed" Rover Metro GS is an excellent buy. Prussian Blue and Granite Grey leather interior were also available but it is this Stone Beige interior that creates the biggest impact, looking so tasteful and classy and complementing the beautiful British Racing Green coachwork so magnificently, and naturally it is this beige cabin that features in the original Rover Metro brochure.

You will never chance upon another like this.


2002 Volkswagen Golf SE Cabriolet 'Trendline' View Photo Dossier

VW Golf Mk3.5 2.0 SE "Trendline" Cabriolet: Rare Oceanic Green Pearlescent paintwork, superb black cloth roof and black sports cloth upholstery.

This beautiful Golf Cabrio is all original and has been owned by the same lady for the past 8 years and has been well-maintained with a FSH and HPI clear with certificate. One key operating all locks and a spare.

As with the original Mk1 Golf Cabriolet which ran from 1979-1993, VW was adamant that it would get its money's worth out of the expensive soft-top development work that went into the Mk3 Cabriolet of 1994. So in 1998 when the Mk4 Golf hatchback came on stream, the Cabriolet was face-lifted front and rear with Mk4 headlamps, streamlined colour-coded bumpers and the rear number plate dropped to below the bumper leaving a flush tailgate to become known as the Mk3.5 Cabriolet. Often specified in lurid shades of yellow or Jazz Blue with equally flamboyant interiors, my Trendline does away with the naff 1990s "in your face" element and its restrained deep blue-green coachwork and high quality black cloth hood make this modern classic soft top all the more timeless and elegant.

This is a classic Cabriolet that still cuts a dash basking in the sunshine on one's driveway, an Escort or Astra Cabriolet will just look tragically démodé by comparison.

Oceanic Green Pearl is worthy of special mention as was seldom specified on the Mk3.5 Cabriolet,being only available for the last year of production, indeed this is the only example I have seen in the metal. It is more commonly seen on the Mk4 Golf hatchbacks including the potent V6 4-Motion. The deep blue-green colour is almost identical to Ford's "Mallard Green" which was the signature colour of the Escort Cosworth. Just like the head of the mallard duck, this colour has a wonderful iridescence thanks to the fine mica particles in the pearlescent finish and the colour looks most eye-catching when the sun shines.

First registered in April 2002, this is one of the very last Mk3.5 Golf Cabriolets manufactured (before the Volkswagen Eos with its fault and leak-prone retractible hardtop took over), and can be thought of as a "roll out" edition. It sports its original 15-inch BBS "Solitude" alloy wheels which were originally seen on the end of line Corrado Storm edition, the Golf Mk3 VR6 Highline edition and the Golf Mk3 GTI Colour Concept edition, and are a design which particularly suits the Golf Mk3 silhouette. The tyres are almost new all round.

The cabriolet roof is power-operated, and power steering, electric windows x 4, electric heated mirrors, central locking, sports seats and a leather-trimmed sport steering wheel are also part of the specification. The original VW radio/cassette stereo operating a boot-mounted VW CD Autochanger is still present.

The interior is finished in an attractive black jacquard satin cloth with grey and black 'Scala' cloth centre panels and contrasting grey stitching to the bolster panels. The car has never been smoked in and there are no fag burns, stains or rips anywhere. The original VW over mats have done their job of keeping the carpets immaculate beneath but the mats themselves were past their best so have been replaced with a brand new set.

The roof is the more expensive and attractive looking mohair cloth type which was an extra-cost option on this model - no splits, no receding and no fraying to report. No leaks and the power operation works faultlessly. I have had new side tension cables fitted to the hood which means it locates perfectly over the side windows. I guarantee that every other Golf Mk3/3.5Cabriolet you will see for sale will have snapped cables, and this is a 6 hour job for a professional coachtrimmer.

The engine has been treated to a major service, genuine VAG Quantum oil, oil filter, Bosch spark plugs, brand new distributor cap and rotor arm and the breather system has been overhauled too with new components. Naturally I have had a new timing belt and tensioner kit fitted too.

Additionally my GTI specialist has fitted new rear brake discs, pads and rear wheel bearings. Brand new performance premium Monroe Reflex gas pressure front shocks absorbers with new top strut mounts too, these are heavy cars and the extra flexing of the open bodyshell puts more strain on the shock absorbers so all Mk3/Mk3.5 Cabriolets will benefit from new shocks all around. Earlier in 2017 the owner had the original clutch replaced and the rear shock absorbers replaced. This is a real boon as the clutch always needs replacing on these cars at about this age, I had the clutch replaced on both the previous Mk3.5's I sold.

Forget about the flaccid 1.6 Cabriolets and the 1.8 - they will cost you no less on insurance or tax and in real driving you will end up spending more money on petrol as you labour the engine to squeeze just a modicum of acceleration out of it. By contrast my Cabriolet is endowed with a 2.0 litre 8 valve "AWG" power plant sired by the Mk3 Golf GTI, it is a legendary and wonderfully durable engine and gives this car a healthy of speed, a good power:weight ratio, a subdued but sporty exhaust note and an easy 38mpg, yes 38mpg - that is extreme economy for a heavy 2.0 litre soft top.

You will not find another Mk3.5 that drives as smoothly, swiftly or tautly as this. You will not find another in such superb and original condition. You will not find another that is finished in such an attractive and rare colour scheme.

Finally you will not find another Golf Cabriolet that has had as much spent on it in terms of service and mechanical parts expenses or the man-hours I have spent detailing it throughout, turning into the most exceptional Mk3.5 Cabriolet on the market today.

SOLD to 1st viewer